Monday, September 12, 2011

Twice in one Month has to be a Record!!!

For my posting that is, LOL  My son bought me a book the other day on stenciling and I have just had so much fun playing with the stencils that are inside it!  It is made for painting stencils on walls and such, but some are sized just right for card making as well.  This picture is of the first two I made- I was having such fun, as they were so easy!! I stenciled them with chalk and used my Stampin Up Stampin' Write Markers to color the stamp and misted it with water before stamping it.  I was so tickled with the multicolored stamping! When it came to taking the picture, I had the problems!  Last year I bought one of those photo box things and it looks SO good sitting in the corner of my "Play Station" (my craft room's name) but hasn't done me much good at all otherwise, LOL  So, I end up taking most of my pictures with the items sitting on top of the aquarium.  The white line seen on the bottom of the cards, isn't there, I am thinking since I take most of my pictures at night, it is a glare or such from the flash or a shadow I created some how in taking the picture.  Any way, I just wanted to show you a picture of my first stenciled cards!  I am going to make a bunch of these, with other stencils as well, and add them to my piles of cards for wounded soldiers here in Augusta and surrounding areas!  *Hugs*

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

With Sympathy Again

Oh How I despise making Sympathy Cards, as it means someone near and dear to me is going through a horrible time.  Sadly, we have to make them all too often!  This card is on its way to a dear friend of mine who lost a loved one over the weekend.  I hope by the time she receives it (she is out of town), the shock will have lessened a bit and she can begin to go on with the fond memories of times gone by.  I cheated when I made this one, as I saw the sample card on a site (it was made without the flower only the three leaves) and just really fell in love with the simplicity of it (or so I thought it was simple)- WOW, I have never worked with so many layers before, only one time ever have I used a brad on anything and trying to find enough shades of green to match was a major chore!  But, sinus headache and all, I plugged along and was in the process of waiting on the leaves to dry and went in search of some matching brads- that is when I saw it, that beautiful crocheted flower sent to me by Angie Haviland, here is her web page if you care to view her amazing talents: !  She makes the most beautiful flowers and often times, out of threads from items we would toss (edges of jeans that are raveled, she can pull those off and create a flower, shredded t-shirts and so forth), well, ages back she sent me some of her creations and I refused to use them, as they were just too pretty!  So, back to my search for the brads, I opened up one of the containers in my holder and there were my Angie Flowers!  This one had shades of green in it and I knew it was perfect for this card, as Angie is also close friends with the recipient!  It just sort of added that touch I needed!  The rest of it was just cutting and gluing- Ok, you KNOW there is a mishap in there, but I sorta hid it in the cropping of the card, LOL  The bottom layer that the flower sits on is crooked as all get out!  I don't know how I didn't see it when I placed it down, but I used my ATG to affix it and there was no removing it once it was down, LOL So, it stayed, but I am sure the one receiving it will not be phased by it as she has a heart of gold to begin with!  *Hugs*