Saturday, October 4, 2014

World Card Making Day!!!

I couldn't miss out on playing today, so I worked on a simple card for my great nephew. He is turning 1 on the 17th. The main head part is on a wobbler and then I added google eyes so it is fun to play with. His mom will watch him close with those google eyes!!! I had a great time playing again! Of course, I *HAD* to mess up someplace, so here it goes- I had my cutter set to cut vinyl and failed to check before cutting!!! I could not figure out why the pieces were only partially cut out, then it hit me- DUH, check your settings always before you cut girl! You would think I would learn with the many times I have done this in the past, LOL Hope this finds everyone well! *Hugs*

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It must be snowing in S. Carolina...

...As I am finally getting around to playing again! It has been SO long since I even turned my poorly neglected Cricut on, but I got some files from Bird's Cards yesterday and just had to cut them out for a card for my brother! As most of you know, he is in prison so the cards have to be fairly simple without any added ribbon or other decorative options (learned quickly not to use embossing powder as they sent all the cards back I did in the beginning, LOL). This was a simple card, just cut out the files and used my sticker maker to put them on the card after applying a front layer. It was fun to play again and I might even do it again before 6 months pass, LOL I do have a blip on it as the curly Q folded up on me when I was applying it so now it has a crimp in it and one corner didn't cut fully so I just put a rounded edge on it as I didn't realize it was a fancy edge, LOL *Hugs*