Monday, March 21, 2011

Shirt and Tie Required

Oh My, I found directions for a shirt with tie card on YouTube and I just had to try it out! It was so simple and so much fun to create as well! The video was by Dawn and the link to see it is: Shirt and Tie Card She is a great instructor and super enthusiastic about this card as well, LOL I do hope you will try it out as it would make a super Father's Day Card or Birthday for a male also! *Hugs*

Monday, March 14, 2011

3D for Me!

Oh My, I have discovered 3D Decoupage Cards and just love them! I can sit down at night and cut out the pieces, pop a few pop dots on them and it just amazes me! My Grandmother asked me last night if I could make her a Sympathy Card for a close friend and of course I did.  I am NOT going to go into how many mishaps I had on this one card as I am afraid the Card Creation Cops would come arrest me for wasting so many sheets of paper!  Suffice it to say, I started on it around 10PM, stopped at 4Am, restarted at 11AM and it was dropped off at My Mom's (for safe keeping- I didn't want it anywhere around me) at 3:30PM!!!  I colored my glossy paper with silver, purple and green alcohol inks as I didn't have any silver card stock, so hopefully you can see a bit of the colors in there. I just wish I had the ability to just sit down and slap a card together in a matter of minutes as some do and be happy with it, LOL *Hugs*

Monday, March 7, 2011


... I'm a winner :) I was chosen by Mr. Random to receive 5 free digi stamps from Robyn's Fetish for my Send a Smile to Kids Challenge Entry!!!  Creating the cards was the easy part, picking only 5 stamps will be the complicated part!!! *Hugs*

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mardi Gras 2011

Wow, two posts in one day!!! Probably will never happen again, LOL Nancy from Promises To Keep is having an awesome blog candy giveaway in celebration of her upcoming birthday. She gave us a picture with a Mardi Gras Theme and we were to come up with a card to match.  Well, I know nothing about Mardi Gras except people do a lot of drinking, flashing body parts to collect necklaces of fake beads and New Orleans probably has more arrests in this one week than several months combined! So, I did the best I could on this, but I am NOT happy with it at all! I think the small spirals that turned into more of small splotches really messed up my background, so I am hoping someone will read this and help me to make it look a bit better! I am wondering if maybe I paint the background a mixture of colors with some sparkle added if that will make it look a bit better? Any ideas would be appreciated! I got the files to make the card from: The Paper Yoga Blog *Hugs*

Send a Smile 4 Kids Challenges Me!

Happy March!! Over in ArtHaven Creations one of this month's challenges is to create at least 2 Birthday Cards for boys. Of course, if it is for charity, I try to get in on it, so here are three that I have completed thus far. The files come from SVG Cuts and it is their Happy Birthday Cards Kit. I am loving this set and they are so simple to complete!  Now, you know I had to have at least one mishap in there someplace, but I turned one into two apparently, LOL On the fish card, I put a large brown smudge on the blue card, so I figured I would cover it up with a fish sticker I had, but My Mom was quick to inform me that a Sea Horse and a Bass do NOT swim in the same waters, LOL Oh well, let's just hope a very young boy gets this one, LOL *Hugs*