Saturday, August 20, 2011

Missing the Great Blue Sea

Oh How I SO miss the sounds of the waves crashing on shore, birds screaming, kids yelling in pleasure and all the other sounds you hear when you visit the SEA!  I haven't been this year and it is driving me batty (yeah, not a far drive, I know).  SO, I did the next best thing and created a card of the SEA!  I have already sent this to my brother and I am sure he will love it as well.  You KNOW I had to have a few mishaps along the way so I will tell you about them since I try to be honest as possible!  First off, I used the beautiful digi stamps from TLC Creations to make my card.  I printed them out on this neat "clear" paper I found in my stash, I colored them with my water color pencils, stamped my colors to make the SEA and Sand (actually, first one didn't have the sand), clouds and drew in my birds (yeah, they are a bit sea sick I think).  All went according to plans up to here!  Then I decided to use my Scotch Quick Dry Glue to adhere the digi stamps to my card stock (Coordination's Color Core) and THAT is where I hit the blip on the screen!  When the glue dried, my poor amazingly colored image drew up something awful and curled the entire card into a ball!  Ok, ask my friends in ArtHaven Creations and someone mentions trying to iron it out- GREAT IDEA my mind is thinking, so I go get the iron and decide to bypass that cute little table top ironing board I just had to have for things of this nature and I put a towel down on the stove and ironed my card- Yeah, I burned it slap up, LOL My pretty "clear" paper was now a muddy yellowish color and looked worse than horrible!  I thought about crying but figured the tears dripping on the ocean would probably cause it to run and give me another mess to clean up!  So I put it aside until way later and came back in to start from scratch!  In a matter of minutes I had the card completed and sat down to write a letter to put inside of it (heck, by now I was an expert on this card), but when I came to check to see how the glue stick (like elementary school kids use, which is really right up my alley) and I see it- my digi stamps have wrinkles in them!  But, I have just decided that they are wrinkles in time, which surely flies quickly when you are at the sea!!!
I actually have two projects to share tonight believe it or not- I made these butterflies from a file so graciously shared by Penny Duncan and I am SO in love with these!  I used normal HammerMill Transparencies to make the top layer and colored card stock for the bottom.  They are SO easy and turn out so amazing!  Sadly, this was the last of my transparency paper so I can't make any more as of yet, as I now want to make some tiny ones for placing on flowers and such!  I turned these into magnets for my mom- she is a butterfly fanatic and they are calmly resting on her fridge now!  *Hugs*