Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thank You Cards

I have finally stamped the inside of 4 more Thank You Cards for my mom and I can now say they are completed! I am loving these butterflies and thinking I might need to try to find some more now that I am out of them! *Hugs*

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Butterflies and Puppies!

There isn't much that brings happiness more than butterflies and puppies, so today I bring you both! I had to make a get well card for my mom and once I started playing, I couldn't stop! I made 10 cards! I only have a picture of the first 4 here as the other Thank You Cards are at Mom's House for her to decide which ones she wants to use. She just had surgery to reconstruct her breast after a mastectomy- she is doing great! I am happy this phase is behind us finally! So, here are the 4 cards I made: And, I promised puppies, so here they are! My Chihuahua, Lacie, gave birth to 4 beautiful puppies on the 19th, but sadly we lost the runt. They are camera shy even though they can't see yet as I had a VERY hard time getting a picture of their faces, LOL I hope everyone is experiencing much better weather than we are as it is cold, wet and gloomy outside this weekend! *Hugs*