Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A pretty set of gloves for a sad venture!

A few weeks ago my niece's grandmother's house burned down, so this past weekend, we went over to try to help salvage what we could. My niece, Mom and myself all have the same gloves, so mom said to write my name on mine- ha, I took out the black htv and used it for my first time! I am in love with the htv!!! I kept saying in the back of my head, don't forget to mirror, don't forget to mirror, LOL I used my regular household iron to heat it with and it has stayed in place during two washings done the day it was done and the next day, even though they tell you to wait a minimum of 24 hours before washing! It was super easy to tell mine from anyone else's for sure!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Easter

Hello Again!!! My cards today are inspired by Lindsey from She showed how to make these adorable cards using Washi Tape for the background. I had a few colors of Washi Tape so I tried it out and the first one cut way too small, took forever to cut and had jagged type edges here and there and strings hanging off, plus, I didn't care for the Washi Tape as it just wasn't "Eastery" to me! So, I enlarged the file and cut it again. I, again, had some jagged edges, took it forever to cut and had the strings hanging off! Ok, I have to admit, I had never cut cardstock on my Cameo as of yet so I wondered if this was normal or not. I decided it had to be not!! So, I opened up the snipping tool (one of my major loves of my pc), snapped an image capture and traced it in Silhouette Studio! This time when I cut it, it cut perfect, no jagged areas or strings and much quicker!!! I am SO in love with my Cameo!!!! I found some patterned paper in my stash and used it as a backing this time and much more preferred the look to the Washi Tape. Ok, other than the cutting problem, this was going together way too easy for me, so you know it HAD to happen!!! I only have a few nesties and wouldn't you know it, no square or rectangle! Ok, how hard can it be to cut and write it with my Cameo, after all, that is why I wanted the pen holders and bought that beautiful collection of gel pens, right? So, I set up a perfectly sized rectangle in the software, made my text to fit inside just right, then realized, I have no clue how to get it to cut one part and not another other than to move the non cutting part off the mat! So, I did just that! I cut my rectangles, reloaded the mat, deleted the rectangles after putting the text back where it belongs. Then I take out my handy dandy pen holder, insert my pen in it, after looking at all the parts and having NO clue what the big white piece was, LOL I load it in my Cameo and press start! I rush to the machine as I want to see it writing, just as I like to watch it cut as it amazes me! Well, it wasn't writing anything, just going through the motions, so I figure, yeah, I have done something wrong in loading the pen!! So, I decide to just use the gold sketch pen that came with the machine! It draws it out beautifully, but once out of the machine, I realize how very light the color is and hard to see! So, I take out the color pen I originally wanted and trace over the letters! They looked pretty darn good until I took a picture and viewed it- Yug, they were horrible, LOL So, I break out into a moment of common sense and watch a video on HOW to use the pen holders- as expected, I wasn't even close on my idea, LOL So I load the pen and holder properly, press start and walah, beautiful writing with the multi-colored gel pen I chose! I unload the paper and see that it only colored in one color but it was visible so I was going to deal with it. I cut the images out with my Cuttlebug and an oval nestie and all went well! I sat it on top of the card to see how it looked and decided it needed something else, so I grab my small ink pads and go around the edges with ink to make it "pop" a bit more! Got them all finished inking, pop dotted the image on the card and decided I didn't like the inking at all, LOL I decided to put it away for the day and come back to it today! My friend informed me that she uses her punches or nesties to do the sentiments and I realized I hadn't even thought about my punches as I so rarely use them! So, today I came back in and chose a font, set the words up in Silhouette Studio and wrote them out in colors to match the bakers twine. I found two square punches that I thought would work, but one was too small and one too large, so I went with the larger one, LOL I punched them out and rounded the corners and stuck them down with pop dots again! I am not overly thrilled with the sentiment squares but they are staying that way as I am done!!! THIS is why I rarely get anything done as it takes me SO long to do one small project that I am worn out afterwards, LOL Anyways, I hope your day is going great and you have had the chance to do something you love as well!!