Sunday, August 18, 2013

Where Have the Days Gone???

Wow, it doesn't seem like it has been "THAT" long since I posted, but umm, yeah, it has, LOL I, do finally, have something to share. I have seen all these cups people are making and am in awe of them, so I tried one myself. This is for my Great Niece, Faith. I set up the name on Scal, doubled it and set the second one as blackout rounded at about 3 inches. Then I weeded out the unnecessary pieces and layered by eyeballing it. I cut the tiny butterflies (purple), 3/4" white dots and 1" light pink dots (some look darker in the picture but they are all light pink) with punches (warning, they are a bear to get removed off the backing) and just placed them here and there. I am tickled pink with how it came out and can't wait to give it to her next weekend! I'm sorry the picture isn't much easier to see but the bottle is rounded so hard to get it all in one shot! *Hugs*