Wednesday, September 20, 2017

WOW It's Been SO Long Since I Updated This Blog!!!!

I'm finally getting back into crafting again after a long delay!! I'm going to post some pictures of the decorations and gifts that I made for my niece's baby shower last week! It started off with seeing the picture of the popcorn buckets and knowing my niece loves popcorn! It was a BIG hit and that really tickled me! Then I saw the sucker holders!! I could not find flat suckers anywhere so I had to go with the Dum Dums Brand as they were the smallest! I still had a problem with the onesie closing, since they were thicker. I ended up using tape to hold them closed! Jace is the baby's name, so the Dino Onesie of his is to match the other family members! I made the shirts for all plus the onesies with the college football teams on them. I am a diehard Carolina Gamecocks Fan, as is the mom to be! The dad is a Clemson (YUG) Fan, so since I do love the dude, I painstakingly made a Clemson One!! My niece gave me the dirtiest look when she opened it, LOL I am also working on snowmen for a snowman swap in my crafting group. As of this time, I have to make 11, but more may sign up before the deadline. I started on them and was moving right along, then realized the painting I did on them showed the brush lines so "loudly" that they were not going to work, so I had to remove the paint and start over. I can't share pictures or the idea as of yet as someone from the group may read this, LOL I will attach a few other items I have made recently to this post as well! The Medical Shirt is one I made for my physician! When I go to see him, I always say "Dr. Google said it was ..." LOL I pray all are doing well, was safe from the recent hurricanes and healthy! *Hugs*