Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Graduation Finals

I am SO happy to have my graduation cards completed ahead of schedule! These last two are for my mom to give my son and niece! I am going to HL, J's and M's today with my mom and had planned on picking up some grad paper for the upper back ground, but decided to just stamp it myself with some clear stamps I already had! They live in two different states but both have the same school colors and all, LOL I am only showing one as they are both identical this time around. Now if I can just motivate myself to fire up the embroidery machine and get their graduation announcements made I would be a very happy camper! *Hugs*

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Graduation Time

Is upon us again! My youngest son and youngest niece are both graduating this year, so I have to do two of everything, LOL The first two cards (SVG are for my grandmother to give to them and the second two are from me! I did the lettering with my Cri-Kits Set and my Jelly bug or slug bug (can't recall which is for the pens and which for the marker). *Hugs*

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Latest Card for My Brother

My mom told my brother about my painting and he wrote and asked me to describe it from top to bottom via email, but I decided it was easier to just take a picture, make it into a card and send it to him, LOL This is my finished result and I am quite tickled with how it turned out! *Hugs*

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Van Gogh I'm not...

But, I am hoping to learn more about the art of oil painting! My son gave me a Bob Ross Master Paint Kit the other day and I finally felt well enough to try it out. I have never painted anything but a wall so I was pretty impressed that you could tell what it was supposed to even be, LOL *Hugs*

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mishaps Abound

I thought I would share my latest mishap, since I am so famous for them! I have totally forgotten who so graciously shared the cut file with me, so if you know... The butterfly part was supposed to have the butterflies cut out of each corner, but on the last corner my mat decided to lose its stickiness and the paper moved on me. When I looked at it, I said "Woah, HOW cool is this?" This was a total accidental mishap but I am loving the results! I am, however, not liking the way the green color in the back ground dried as it was originally the perfect color! I am going to save it as a card for my mom! *Hugs*

Pine Cone Flower

What the heck is going on with my blog? They have changed the entire look on where I post- WOW nice of them to ask me if they could change it, huh? OK, well I guess I just don't rank high enough for them to ask my opinion! Well, I wanted to share my newest flower!!! I slapped this bad boy together in a matter of seconds from a tiny pine cone I picked up in the woods! I removed the "petals" from the pine cone, cut out a circle from a punch, slobbered the circle with glue and started adding my petals. I started on the outside edges and just placed one down, the next and so on until I was back at the beginning, the went to layer two and staggered them between the petals from layer one. I kept this up for 3 rows and glued the center part of the pine cone as my stamens. This is such a simple process and even the children could get in on making some. My pine cone was fresh but not too fresh as they hurt like the dickens when they are really fresh, so please keep this in mind if you have smaller ones trying it out! I finished it off with some Glossy Accents to give it some shine and extra durability (which is a good thing as I carried it home from my Mom's House in my pocket and forgot about it, after vacuuming, sweeping and mopping I found it- good as new thankfully, LOL The pine cone is not pink, it is a light brown, it just appears pink in my photo for some reason! *Hugs*

Friday, April 13, 2012

TLC Does it Again

Paulette, over at TLC Creations, is always giving away beautiful digi stamps and she has done it again! When this one came in my email, I KNEW it was for me! I took it into Paint Shop Pro and added the frames, printed it out and framed it! How easy is that for a simple, yet awesome piece of ART for my wall? I just love it! *Hugs*

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Masters 2012!

Way to Go Bubba!!!! My younger brother is SO thrilled over a "Bubba" winning the Master's in Georgia as everyone is called "Bubba" around here! I had to make him a card to help him relive the excitement. I bought the file of the golf cart from Treasure Box Designs and it cut like butter on my Cricut E! I found the picture of Bubba Watson online and it was as close as I could get to one of him appearing to be in a golf cart (unless I wanted him on top of it planking, LOL), so I cut a small slit in the card to allow the rest of his body to slide through to hold him. I think it turned out quite cute, LOL *Hugs*

Friday, April 6, 2012

2012 Easter Eggs

Well, Last year I made eggs from silk ties, but this year I used Alcohol Ink and just pounced the color on. The front three are my favorites as the back ones did NOT turn out as I had planned, nothing new for me though, LOL I did use wooden eggs this year instead of blowing them out as I did last year! *Hugs* and have a Happy Easter! I am also entering these into a contest at Cutters Creek!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Easter!

I wanted to make an Easter Card for my therapist, so I started off with a fancy cross from Jani at Paper Compulsions. It cut like butter on my Pink Cricut! I had a total different plan when I started out with this, but as usual, my mishaps determine my direction, LOL The cross was supposed to be just edged in purple and I was going to hang a piece of purple ribbon around it, but I just can NOT ink the edges of something without making a total mess and make that mess I did! I smudged it so badly that I ended up just inking the entire cross in purple, LOL I am sure he will not complain a bit about the card and will probably never know it was a total accident, LOL *Hugs* and Happy Easter to all!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


It has been brought to my attention that the other Calla Lily File is from Jani Lewis at Paper Compulsions Blog! I have loved that file for ages so I am thrilled to finally find out where I got it from again! Do check out her blog as her files and ART are awesome!!! *Hugs* Alicia