Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh Boy, A New Addiction, Just What I Needed!!!

A friend showed these on my Yahoo Group and I just had to try them!  They are so much fun and easy to do as well!  I do, however, recommend being very careful when cutting off the excess thread on the back, as I ruined THREE by clipping the thread too high and they fell apart, LOL *Hugs*


  1. Your sequin flower turned out really nice, Angie.
    It is hard to tell from the photo, but what size sequins did you use?

  2. oops...I meant Alicia and not Angie like I wrote in the previous comment. :-(
    Sorry about the that, but your flower did come out beautiful.

  3. Looks beautiful kiddo! Such a good photo too, captures the beauty of it all! :)

  4. It is a most lovely sequin flower and I love it! Oh my, I would have balled them up and thrown them in the trash can if I had messed up three....you have learned this and they are neato! You go girl! Diann

  5. Alicia,

    I love your flower sequin.
    can you tell me how you made it?
    I love to work with sequins,but not on cards.
    I use a lot of them on game suits for my daughters! a few samples of those suits are on my blog http://knutselsommetje.blogspot.com/search/label/Twirlen


  6. I love the sequin flower and would also love to know how to make them. Do you have a tut you would be willing to share?