Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mishaps Abound

I thought I would share my latest mishap, since I am so famous for them! I have totally forgotten who so graciously shared the cut file with me, so if you know... The butterfly part was supposed to have the butterflies cut out of each corner, but on the last corner my mat decided to lose its stickiness and the paper moved on me. When I looked at it, I said "Woah, HOW cool is this?" This was a total accidental mishap but I am loving the results! I am, however, not liking the way the green color in the back ground dried as it was originally the perfect color! I am going to save it as a card for my mom! *Hugs*


  1. take a mishap, and turn it into a beautiful creation! Keep up the good work BB

  2. Oh Girl...that is SO COOL!!!! The Mishap is PERFECT!!!! LOVE it!!!