Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Graduation Time

Is upon us again! My youngest son and youngest niece are both graduating this year, so I have to do two of everything, LOL The first two cards (SVG Cuts.com) are for my grandmother to give to them and the second two are from me! I did the lettering with my Cri-Kits Set and my Jelly bug or slug bug (can't recall which is for the pens and which for the marker). *Hugs*


  1. They are great!!! The lettering is awesome... What is a jelly Bug?...

  2. Love them girlfriend! Lots of love beaming from those cards!
    Your BB

  3. Love them. I need to get busy on Grad cards too!

  4. Nice graduation cards Alicia. I have to make one for my oldest granddaughter who will be graduating from High School. I also want to make her a graduation album.