Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Masters 2012!

Way to Go Bubba!!!! My younger brother is SO thrilled over a "Bubba" winning the Master's in Georgia as everyone is called "Bubba" around here! I had to make him a card to help him relive the excitement. I bought the file of the golf cart from Treasure Box Designs and it cut like butter on my Cricut E! I found the picture of Bubba Watson online and it was as close as I could get to one of him appearing to be in a golf cart (unless I wanted him on top of it planking, LOL), so I cut a small slit in the card to allow the rest of his body to slide through to hold him. I think it turned out quite cute, LOL *Hugs*


  1. So funny girlfriend. You did a great job and Richard is going to love it!!!
    Bravo to you for spreading cheer!
    Your BB

  2. That is so cool.....he is going to love it...

  3. OMG Alicia!!! How cute!!! Richard will get a kick out of this one!!!!

  4. oh this is so cute - I love it !!!!! and I know your brother will love it too xoxo

  5. Love this card..Great idea, so cute and original...Hugs..