Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Easter!

I wanted to make an Easter Card for my therapist, so I started off with a fancy cross from Jani at Paper Compulsions. It cut like butter on my Pink Cricut! I had a total different plan when I started out with this, but as usual, my mishaps determine my direction, LOL The cross was supposed to be just edged in purple and I was going to hang a piece of purple ribbon around it, but I just can NOT ink the edges of something without making a total mess and make that mess I did! I smudged it so badly that I ended up just inking the entire cross in purple, LOL I am sure he will not complain a bit about the card and will probably never know it was a total accident, LOL *Hugs* and Happy Easter to all!


  1. It looks great in all purple. I would call it a happy accident. LOL

  2. Beautiful cross and Happy Easter from Australia....I have downloaded this file and plan to use it in a sec...