Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hinged and Un-Hinged

Over at CIF (Creative Inspirations and Friendship) we are doing some really fun swaps.  I entered the Hinge Card Swap and Hand Made Flower Swap.  Both are super cool concepts, but the hinge card was WAY outside my norm!  There isn't enough room on blogger period for me to tell you of my mistakes along the way to completion!  Suffice it to say, I used just about all the Pink Paper in my Tim Holtz Pack :(  Now, if you pay attention to the card, there is not ANY Tim Holtz Paper on it, LOL  I have so many scrap pieces laying around my craft room and kitchen it isn't even funny.  But, I am happy to say it is done!!!  The color choices were not what I started out heading for, as they scream Spring, but it is where I landed!  I just hope Brandi likes it!  The flowers will be completed another day for another posting! *Hugs*


  1. Alicia - this is really pretty...I love the colors...and it does look Springy...very very nice...if it were coming to me....I would be thrilled with it....

  2. Thanks Rita, I put a stamped sentiment inside after I took the picture- It says "If you need to fix a broken heart, Friends make the best glue" I LOVE that saying as it is SO true in my life- My art family has been super in gluing my broken heart back together!!! *Hugs*

  3. Beautiful card. You are doing such a fantastic job with all your work.

  4. Gorgeous, Alicia! And I LOVE your comment about your Art family gluing your broken heart together! That is soooo sweet... Here's a hug to add a bit more sticky glue: (((((Alicia))))).

    How did you do the fabulous irridescent colours on this card? It's juicy!!