Monday, February 16, 2015

My Newly Made Over Room!

Well, one day last month I had the bright idea to paint the wall around my fireplace in my Paper Playground! Upon finishing, I decided I wanted the whole room done as I loved the color! Three weeks later and I am finally done, except rehanging all my wind chimes! I am LOVING it!!! The color was decided by Glidden, as they had an ad online way back when where you could get a free quart of paint. They had several colors to choose from, but I fell in love with the "Sexy Pink" and ordered it. It sat, unused, for ages until it popped in my head that night last month! I have a larger counter top coming next week, but I put that one up there just to see if I liked it or not. My parents did a total remodel of their kitchen and gave me their old counter tops! They are using the one I plan on using until the top for their new island comes in as it was a special order product due to size. I have a new project to start on later today (painting a chalk board and putting a small vinyl piece on it for my mom's kitchen), but I did get to play around in there this week while paint was drying, LOL The white "A" on the wall, was once a beautiful sparkly pink color (almost the identical color of my walls), but it couldn't stay pink as you wouldn't see it on the walls!! So, problem easily solved, grab a jar of white paint, paint it twice and once dry, apply a third cover and sprinkle on white glitter!!! Yeah, we know it isn't that easy for me, LOL The stupid white glitter would NOT come out of the jar no matter how much I shook it. No problem, I can handle this, just mix the white paint with the white glitter and paint it on, instant beautification!!! Yeah, NOT!!!! I had a gloppy goopy mess, LOL So, Ok, wash it off and let's try it again- well, wouldn't you know ALL the paint plus the original glitter washed off in one easy rinse, LOL So, I slapped some white paint on it, let it dry and added another coat, left it over night and nailed it to the wall this morning, LOL It "could" have used another coat really as some of the pink faintly shows through but it is staying just as it is as it took me dang forever to get all the newspaper off of the back and sides, LOL Never a dull moment around here though!!! *Hugs* PS- The two slates above the fireplace (one with the glue gun and one with the scissors) ARE level, but the slanted ceiling makes them look uneven! I used a ruler set on top of the fireplace mantle to mark my nail spots so I know they are level! Trying to decide if I want to bring the glue gun one down a little just to make them "LOOK" level even if they won't be!


  1. Bravo BB............I know your Tickled have your room done! It looks Fantastic...............and so YOU!
    Love ya

  2. Alicia, your room is beautiful! You did a wonderful job redecorating. Now we want to see some of your art, and for you to join in some swaps.
    Gail in Oklahoma

  3. Wow, Alicia, your room looks fabulous!!!!! I just love it!!! You rocked it and worked your fanny off to get it done! Now you can crank out the pretty pieces of art! Yay! hugs to you m friend, patty