Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mom's Chalkboard

For a project that was super simple, this one became a pain quite quickly!!! I painted it last night and while it was drying, I walked into the kitchen to fix me a fresh Diet Mt Dew. When I moved my arm, I felt something wet and looked down at my side and danged if my entire right side of my shirt was white and my arm to boot!!! I have NO clue how I got so much paint on me at once, Ohhhh, wait, yes I do- it JUST hit me- I crumbled up the newspaper I had the paint poured onto and held it under my arm for a minute while I put the paint back in its container!!!! Thankfully it all washed out of my shirt and off my arm! I got up this morning, after being up hours last night on Wordmarkit, looking for the right font, and started looking again when someone shared Nexus Font with me! It is a program that allows you to write what you want, choose font size, color etc and you can see how it looks with each of the fonts in your system installed or not!! I LOVE it! I spent another good hour looking through, finding one I liked and typing out my words in Silhouette Studio until I had a page full of them. Then I slowly weeded it down to two! I cut both of them, thankfully, as when I was weeding them, I managed to get one stuck to itself and couldn't salvage it. I got the words on the chalkboard, was quite tickled with myself that all went well, when I saw it- it was as crooked as all get out, LOL I sat it down and walked off! A little bit later, I went back in and got some fresh transfer tape and stuck it on top of the word "Don't" only, then used my spatula to slowly peel it up and stick it to the transfer tape! It isn't "perfect" but it is close enough and staying as it is!!! The pictures aren't the greatest, but here is the first and second tries! Hope everyone is staying safe and warm with the horrible weather many are having! *Hugs*

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