Friday, November 12, 2010

Rolling Down the Hill Now!

Wow, I have now completed 50 cards for the wounded soldiers program!  That is more cards than I have ever made combined, LOL  I have really been enjoying myself though and to know it is for a good cause makes it even more fulfilling!!! Now, I know you know I had to have a mishap along the way and I did :(  Actually a couple of them, LOL (One was setting up the paper on the Cricut Mat- I failed to set the orientation properly and ended up with a green bird (sick???), Brown Leaves on the Holly Leaves (Poison that the bird eventually ate?) and well, you get the idea- scrapped that set and started over with paper in right direction :)  So, late last night I had a brain storm (usually the sign of danger approaching) and I decided to paint some of the Holly Leaves that I have embossed with the Cuttlebug, so I used my handy little H2O Pen and some Pearl Ex (sounds pretty innocent, doesn't it?) It wasn't- I made a massive mess, LOL I had drops of color all over the card and by the time I finished, I had tiny puddles on the leaves from where the pen was putting out too much water.  So, I was going to trash it but decided to fling the water off it into the sink first instead of it going in my trash can- when I did, it left these little splat lines across the card so I wiped them off and Oh Wow- it looked sorta neat to me, LOL So, I sat there and just smudged all around the card and in the end, it became my favorite card, LOL It is the brownish colored one with hints of green as well (Holly Leaves).  I believe I will sit down this weekend and do a few more just like it- maybe I will even get a few that aren't puddled, LOL  *Hugs*


  1. oh wow Alicia you are absolutely wonderful... You did such a wonderful job on all of these cards....

  2. WOW You are amazing! That is an incredible job in a short amount of time.

  3. Alicia! Wow! you have been busy! You made the 3 part snowman!!!!! He looks great! I love how you drew in his eyes! The last closeup picture of the tree is gorgeous. How did you do that...all different shades? Love it!
    you know that card you made a "mistake" on? I'll bet if you tried to do that, it wouldn't come out as good!

  4. Alicia, these are brilliant! I love the "mishap" one especially! It's amazing how seeming mistakes can often turn out so well, with a bit of lateral thinking and salvaging. How hard you have worked, and for such a marvellous cause. Very well done!!!


  5. Alicia, what an AWESOME project... my nephew just got sent.. I too love your snowman and the cardinal and the last Xmas tree!!!
    TFS and thanks for visiting my Blog!!
    I just became your follower!

  6. Wow Alicia!!! This is amazing!! Awesome job girl!