Friday, November 5, 2010

Latest and Greatest Toy

Oh My, I was so blessed to have been chosen as the winner on Kandrews Blog for the Cri-Kit Embossing Bundle- WooHoo!!!  It arrived today and I had to set the housework aside for a few minutes (Sandy said it was OK, so it is her fault my house is so dusty right now).  Of course, my first embossed item was a snowman :)  But it was SO lightly embossed it barely showed up :(  I am a trooper if nothing else though, so I tried again, but this time with a wolf (FAR cry from a snowman, LOL) and I was a bit more pleased with the outcome.  I am not sure if I ever stated this, but I am awaiting a loaner Cricut to arrive from PC so that they can do some work on my Pink Baby.  I have never been fully satisfied with the way she cuts, as I have to cut on deepest setting and highest pressure to get a full cut on most items and it should not be this way they say.  So, I contacted them and after replacing the housing, no major difference so they said they would need to ship me a loaner and send mine to get a full check up.  SO, that may be partially why my embossing isn't super noticeable.  I know, on paper it isn't going to be as deep as with the Cuttlebug, but I have seen Penny's Paper Embossed and it is WAY more detailed than mine so I know I can get it better!  However, with that being said, here is a wolf I normally use for vinyl purposes but I just wanted to try it out embossed.  I played with my Cat's Eye Ink thingies and had fun letting some frustrations out, as the card base is actually a green color, LOL  I used some MS Sterling Embossing Powder to highlight the wolf, and of course here and there around it as well, but that part wasn't intentional- LOL *Hugs*


  1. Oh Wow contratulations Honey! Looking Good!

  2. Very cool! You're going to be an embossing diva! LOL

  3. Wow, unbelievable!!! Very nice!!!
    Judy Garrelts

  4. Fantastic! I bet with time, and practice you will be embossing everything in sight! LOL So happy you have a new toy to play with!
    PS Dusting can be done sure is not going anywhere! LOL

  5. Congrats on your win. Don't worry about the dust, as it will be there when we are all long gone. :-)
    I bet you will have fun playing with your new embossing bundle.

  6. I think it is so cool and have foils to do it with...just don't have the embossing tool...price s a factor...but one day I hope to get it and have fun like you!