Friday, March 30, 2012

Sympathy Cards Abound

This has been a rough week for my friends in Arthaven Creations and my family as well. My dad's very close friend was found to have a tumor in his brain. They went in and performed laser surgery to remove it but he is not doing so well at the present time. My mom wanted a card to take to him tomorrow when they go to Charleston to visit, so here is the card I created for her:
Over in Arthaven Creations, we had 3 of my ARTSisters with deaths in the family as well. My best friend and I tag team the cards (take turns making them and signing for both as we make SO many cards each month) so here are the cards I made and sent out this week to hopefully bring a bit of comfort to those suffering such a tragic loss.

I am so hoping this ends the sad/bad luck in our group and home lives and we can go on to helping our loved ones heal. *Hugs*


  1. Alicia these are all so pretty well done Hugs Elaine ,
    Sad cards to send but beautiful creations

  2. Hopefully, these lovely cards should bring some cheer.