Friday, May 20, 2011

Home Again and SO happy to be here!

Hey Everyone! I am home from Santee and could not be happier to be here, LOL I am going to add in some pictures I took while on vacation as it is easier here! *Hugs*
Axel Swimming

Beware of Gator Signs all over Camp Grounds

Gator Pond

Gator Pond

Lilies in Gator Pond

Primitive Camp Site- Note the Gator Warning on the Site Box- NOT for me, LOL

Cute 2 Room Cabin for Rent
Me and my only catch!
Disregard the grunge look of baggy sweats, large baggy tee with baggy jacket and wind blown hair do, LOL

Marshes near Primitive Camping




Roundette We had along with camp site

TOO Cute one room cabin for rent, bed and AC only!

Close up of my Fish

Water in front of roundette

Another view of the front of roundette

Roundette from other side

The Bay

Fishing Wall 

Mama Duck and Babies

Jack! I named him this as he got WAY too close to me and I said "Back up Jack" and it stuck, LOL

Chyanne feeding Mallards

Travis, Chyanne and Bart feeding Canadian Geese

Jack WAY too close

Clear water

Another view of the clear water

Minnows on the bottom

Sign near boat landing and fishing dock

My Older Brother, Gary, and one of his Cat Fish- NOT the largest nor even close to it!

Mom and Bart fishing on sea wall

Blasted Hound Dog that barked ALL the time- Animal Control and Short Stay Employees can't catch him- royal pest is what he was, LOL

My Son's "Man Cave" off the back of my car- he had his pc and X-Box Set up, LOL


  1. Great photos girlfriend. Looks like a lovely fun place to be. We ought to get together there sometime and have fun. Thanks for sharing

  2. What great pictures.....thanks for sharing.... Now, I thought the fish looked great, cabins were nice, I'd stay in them but tent camp with gators???? Not for me. :)

  3. Great pics girl!!! Love the "man cave"!!!!! You are definately proud of your fish!!!!! The scenry is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  4. I love that little one room cabin with bed and AC...sometimes I think I need a place like that!
    The pictures are great and I liked everything except the alligators around! Thanks for sharing! Diann

  5. That place looks beautiful! Do you ever vacation in Michigan? I know of a great place similar to that.

    Thanks for the compliments on my recent digi file!

    Andy (The Digi Street)