Saturday, January 31, 2015

I finally "played" again!!!!

Wow, it's been a LONG time since my last post, or creation for that matter!!! I didn't make the first thing for Christmas Gifts this year, but I did make a few cards, just failed to post pictures of them! I finally broke out of the "collecting" stage today and created something again!!! I took some ice cream buckets I had and made Easter Buckets for my great niece and nephew! This was my first time layering vinyl so it isn't perfect but I am pleased with them! My sons gave me a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas and I am having a blast learning all it can do! SO much nicer than my Expression, if a bit louder, LOL Now, you know on the buckets it wasn't just cut, apply and done- that would never be "my" way of crafting, LOL I cut, recut, applied, removed, recut again and applied! The green egg on the truck was cut at least 4 times by itself!!! I did something wrong on my stars on the truck one and they cut and then cut again in a different spot on the same piece of vinyl so that was wasted as well! I think I waste more than I actually use on the finished project! I can't imagine selling things as it took me all afternoon just to get these two things completed- how do people do it? Maybe with time and a bit more practice, instead of just collecting files, I can start to get a bit quicker and maybe, just maybe, have less mishaps along the way!!! Nope, not holding my breath, LOL I also would love to share a picture of my great nephew (another one, not Skyler), "painting" last night while he was over visiting. We are starting him early on the creating!!! Well, if you stayed with me this long, I appreciate your looking at my latest and greatest! I have a "great idea" in my head for something I want to try tomorrow, so hopefully I will be back to share that as well!!! *Hugs*

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