Monday, May 21, 2012

Congrats Class of 2012

Well, it is official, My son has now graduated high school! I am SO proud of him, as well as my niece who will graduate on Saturday Night. I am throwing them a party June 9th as they have grown up together being the best of buds so they will get a party together. I worked for hours tonight making this centerpiece but I am quite tickled with how it came out! I bought the cake pattern from Lyndsey's Stamp Stuff and the 2012 Rocks came from Shirley at, along with the tiny 2012 designs that are on the tags. Everything cut like butter and the only thing I wish were different is that I wish the cake pieces had the score lines already included, as it took more time than anything just doing the scoring! Either way I am pleased with the final result and glad I decided to attempt it! *Hugs* and Congrats to all of the Class of 2012 everywhere!!!!

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