Friday, July 1, 2011

I am playing with paper again!!!!

Oh my gracious, it has been SO long since I played around with paper, but I broke down tonight and made my dad a birthday card (for today, mind you, LOL). I followed directions from Water Gel Card.  I had been searching through my saved emails and bookmarks for ages to find this site again, but sadly it was lost in my pc someplace in a deep dark unknown folder, until Julie posted a link to an old project and there it was!!!! I was SO tickled to find the directions as I had totally forgotten what she said to do, LOL So, I managed to make one without too many mishaps- Ok, I had quite a few, as my baggie leaked all over the card and I had to trim wet areas off and use clips to keep the card closed to try to get it to stay closed to dry, but it all came together somewhat in the end! The fish is sorta hard to see, as I think I used a hair too much gel in my baggie!  The fishing bobber is actually red and white but I think my flash sorta messed the colors up! *Hugs*


  1. Fantastic job, Alicia! You are braver than I am to always try different things and I love that about you and your ART! Your Dad should love this and be really proud of his card and girl!

  2. oh girl!! This is awesome!! I love how you added the "water gel" - perfect!!! And glad to see you back posting!!

  3. That is super super cute!!!! He's gonna love that!!!!

  4. Awesome Card! I love how you did it. He will love it!

  5. I love it Alicia! And so will your dad! I laughed at your "mishap" with the gel - nice to know there are others out there who make a glorious mess on their work tables!!!!!